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Black, Matte Umbra Grey, or Ocean Blue. Step-through frame with an adaptive seat tube

Fr8 Configuration

Front and rear hub dynamo LED lighting, saddle, bumper stay

 xx-NC-G8 Front rollerbrake, rear coaster brake, Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub Starting at $2,500.00


You may remember the coaster brake or as it’s also called; back pedal brake from a bicycle you learnt to ride on as a child. Or from a ‘beater’ bicycle you had as a student. A coaster brake is situated on the rear hub and is operated by pedaling backwards. Reversing the chain direction engages the brake and slows the bike. These days it feels like something from another time, but it actually works quite well and it makes your bike simpler, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A coaster brake is a nice option for a no-nonsense, get me from A to B bike. Coaster brake equipped bikes come with a Shimano roller brake in front. This spec is not meant for steep hills.

The Shimano Nexus 8 internally geared hub has a wide range (307%) and suits the needs our riders for most situations. It’s smooth running and tough. The large, thick hub flanges help us build particularly durable rear wheels. Nexus hubs have set gear positions, or ratios. You shift gear by means of a twist shifter on the right side of your handlebar. A quick pause in pedaling while turning the shifter allows the hub to easily slip into the next gear. Internally geared hubs are low maintenance and ideal for bikes that are ridden all year round or live outside. The Nexus 8 is a good choice if you use your bike everyday, carry heavy objects or go on longer rides.

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