Get to Know Us!

Our philosophy is really quite simple. It's all about practical cycling, tactical urbanism, and whimsical anarchy.

Practical cycling. We value the bicycle as a tool first; an object of desire second. When everything unnecessary is removed from the bicycle what remains is an elegant machine whose function dictates its form. That beautiful form is the essence of its function - enticing you to ride it more by fitting it into your daily life. The Dutch realized this long ago; now it's time for us to follow in their tracks. We aim to plant that seed right here in Edmonton. Together, we will nurture that seed to grow and spread far and wide!

Tactical urbanism. We want to create a space where folks can come and nerd-out together discussing the obvious solutions to transforming our hostile, auto-centric city into a friendly, welcoming, people-first city. We love the work and commentary of Copenhagenize Design Co.’s founder, Mikael Colville-Andersen. Colville-Andersen’s philosophy is centred on “going back to the future.” We can design a future that is safe, inclusive, and fun! “Good design breeds good behaviour.” Well-designed infrastructure has a “seductive power” that can make cycling irresistible. To that we say, YES, PLEASE!  

Whimsical anarchy. We take our inspiration from the Dutch Provo movement. We believe that life should be lived. We believe that transportation should be widely available. We believe that the most practical solution lies with using the bicycle as the main mode of transport. We don’t care what others think. We know we are right and we look forward to getting our bikes under the butts of as many Edmontonians as we can! Will you join our quiet revolution?